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Satta Kingब्लैक सट्टा किंग
Satta King ResultSatta King UP

Millions of Indian people play satta game. This is a fun game which needs some amount of money to play it. Also everyone familiar with Black Satta King. If you don’t know anything about it then read this article.

Here on this page we will discuss everything about this game like how to play, how to check its result, how much amount you can invest and how much profit you can get etc. So read this article for getting the detailed information about Black Satta King 786 and its result chart.

What is Black Satta King ?

Black satta king is a game that is played between two or more people on investing some money. In other words every game that is played with some money is called Black Satta King. Today there are many ways to play this game. The most popular and widely spread among people is Satta King game.

In this game you have to invest some amount of money and then wait for the result. To know the complete details of it read the below paragraph. You can also play this game online. And massive unit of people play this game in online mode.

How to Play Black Satta King 786

There are not too much rules which are difficult to understand. This game has a few and very simple rules. Most common rule of this game is that you have to choose a number and then invest some money on that number. After that the result will decide you won the game or not. Basic rules of this game are as:

  • First of all contact your investor or company manager.
  • Then decide one number and tell him about that number.
  • After that send some amount of money to him and tell him that you want to invest this money on that specific number.
  • Every region has a different time of declaring or publishing the result.
  • Wait for it and after that it is declared then check your result.

Black Satta King 786 – Profit and Loss

As we all know that every business has profit and loss simultaneously. Also this game has profit and loss. But in this game profit is more than that of loss. Understand the profit from the below example. If you invest 100 rupees on a particular number and that number comes in the result, then it means you are getting a profit of 9000 rupees (means 90 times of your invested money).

If you have bad luck or your decided number does not come in the result then the loss of amount is very low (in other words you lost only the invested amount). Here we want to tell one more thing that there are very less chance of appearing your number in the result. So there are more chances of losing your invested amount.

How to find Black Satta King 786 Result – Record Chart

After investing some amount of money on a specific number you want to know your result. And to detect or find out it there are very simple ways. First of all you have to visit this portal and then find out your region name in the record chart table. After that you will see a number in front of that region.

And that is the final result of your region. If it matches with your selected number then it means you have won a huge amount of money. If not then you lost all the amount. Also you can subscribe this portal and we will send a notification to you whenever the company publish the result.

Black Satta King 786 Legal or Not

As we all know that for a long time this game is playing. In some countries it is legal but in India it is totally illegal. You cannot play this in India. But there are too many people who play it daily. Today mostly Indian people prefer to play it in online mode.

They think that this is the best way of saving themselves from the eyes of police. Everyday a huge number of people lost their a large number of amount. Because this is a luck based game and not every person has such good luck. So there are very high risks of losing your money.